Podcast: GameChangers – Companies Are Bought and Not Sold – Part 1

The new CEO fails to deliver the promised results and, in fact, takes the company into a downward spiral. 

The company was adrift, seemingly headed for insolvency and failure, when the board asked Ken if he would return as the CEO role and stabilize operations.  Shortly afterward, Ken engaged Mark Addison of to help rebuild the company’s valuation and prepare the company to be sold.

This podcast addresses the following topics:

  • The emotions experienced by the Founder and CEO when he was replaced.
  • Watching the new CEO under perform and decimate the value of the company.
  • The founder’s decision to return to the CEO role
  • Rebuilding operations – the five key initiatives
  • Developing a strategy to raise the company’s valuation
  • Strategies and methods to create thought leadership

Join us for Part 1 of this two-part series on Companies are Bought, Not Sold.

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