What Is a Prosperous Life? – Book Excerpt

Ask yourself, “Do I want to live an ordinary life or a prosperous life?” Most everyone would say, “Of course, I want to live a prosperous life!” If you aren’t living a prosperous life already, then ask yourself the next question:

Why Aren’t You?

Having lived both types of lives myself, I would suggest to you that it takes no more energy or work to live a prosperous life. In fact, I believe it was a lot more work trying to live an ordinary life. I recently read a statistic that stated 65 percent of people are too busy to enjoy their lives. Does this sound familiar?

I don’t think this topic is black or white. I don’t believe you are destined to live an uninspiring, ordinary life, or you have the great fortune of living a prosperous life. We are all living both lives at the same time. We are all somewhere on the continuum of life, with ordinary at one end and prosperous on the other.

Just for fun, let’s look at what it means to live an ordinary life versus a prosperous one. Which column is more in alignment with what you desire?

Ordinary Prosperous
Sporadic feelings of joy and happinessFeeling joy and happiness whenever you want to
Conditional love for you and others A life free of judgments for you or anyone else in your life
Constant judgment for yourself and othersA life free of judgments for you or anyone else in your life
Doubting your abilities Never doubting your abilities
Feeling unclear on what you want in certain areas of your lifeBeing very clear about what you want in all areas of your life
Never feeling like you have enough money in your lifeNever worrying about money again
Working at an uninspiring career to pay the bills Consistently loving what you do
Ebbing and flowing your way through lifeLiving with passion
Just trying to get through the day Contributing to the world in a meaningful way
Learning new things when you have toHolding a burning desire to constantly learn new things
Questioning your faith regularlyFeeling confident about your spiritual beliefs
Saying thanks when requiredEffortlessly giving gratitude in all situations
Feeling stuckSeeing unlimited opportunities


At the end of the day, you have a choice of which kind of life you want to live. Since you get the privilege to decide where you want to be on the continuum, I suggest that you consider moving toward the prosperous side of life. Based on my experience, I can tell you it is so much better.

Exercise: What Does This Mean for You?

Consider the following:

  • What does your ordinary life look like? Did you identify anything in the left column above? Spend five minutes thinking about this. Feel free to jot a few things down on paper.
  • Now imagine living a prosperous life. Do you identify anything you want in the right-hand column? Spend another five minutes contemplating this question.
  • Pick one thing you could change in your life that would move you closer to a prosperous life. If you feel inspired, pick another and maybe another.


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