As part of my mission to help entrepreneurs be super successful, I have created a collection of MasterClasses that guide an entrepreneur step by step through building an effective business.

The business advice and guidance in these MasterClasses comes from my 25 years of running successful technology companies and mentoring entrepreneurs.  I was very fortunate to grow my e-commerce software company into doing 2 billion dollars’ worth of client transactions per year and have a very successful exit.

By taking any of these MasterClasses, not only will you get insights on how to start and grow your business, but you will walk away with a solid business strategy including a strategic plan.


MasterClasses  Available

All of my courses are part of the EntrepreneurNOW Network which is a business I founded a few years ago to help entrepreneurs grow and develop.  To learn more about these MasterClasses or our special Live MasterClass, just click on any of the classes below.

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Business Planning MasterClass

Business Planning MasterClass

The Business Planning MasterClass contains everything you need to build your business. Work step-by-step and create a business plan not …
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Create a Financial Plan MasterClass

Create a Financial Plan MasterClass

The Financial Plan MasterClass will not only prepare you to pitch your business to banks and investors but also help …
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Create a Go-To-Market Strategy MasterClass

Create a Go-To-Market Strategy MasterClass

Whether you’ve been running your business for a while or not yet launched, this MasterClass will help you align your …
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Crushing the Competition MasterClass

Crushing the Competition MasterClass

Your competitive strategy helps your business by guiding your positioning to make sure your business stands out, pushing you to …
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Special Live Business Planning MasterClass

A few times a year, I put on a special Live 10-week Business Planning MasterClass.  If you are interested in learning more, please click here to let me know and I will notify you when our next class gets scheduled.  Here a bit more about the live class:

In this 10-Week Live Online Course you will create a business plan that you can execute, build a successful business from, and a pitch deck to take to meet with investors—but most importantly you will come away with a complete understanding of your business and what is required for it to succeed, from every angle.

During this Course You Will…

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs starting businesses.
  • Determine the feasibility of your business and how to position it for growth.
  • Develop a complete set of financial for your business to benchmark against.
  • Determine the market growth rates for your business, important trends, and the industry segments.
  • Create a competitive analysis for your business.
  • Choose the most suitable marketing programs to leverage for customer acquisition.
  • Understand what investors are looking for in your business plan, and why.
  • Determine your staffing needs and project those needs out 3 years.
  • Develop a go-to-market strategy that will map out a successful launch for your business.

Support Materials and Benefits…

  • Private Facebook group to form connections, share support, and ask questions along with other entrepreneurs in the course
  • Communicate with Ken through unlimited email access during the course
  • 15+ hours of video instruction
  • 90-minute weekly sessions led by Ken: strategy discussion, Q&A, and coaching

Business Plan Workbook—full of worksheets and tools to support your business plan creation

For more information and dates / times of this Live Course, please email us at: